What is the Play Space Redevelopment Program?

The City bases its annual replacement of play equipment on asset management principles.  Play equipment replacement is informed by an independent audit commissioned by the City, at a minimum of once every three years.  This ensures play equipment is aligned with Australian standards for safety.  It also provides a recommended schedule for replacement, based on the age and condition of the equipment.  

Each year the City selects those sites with play equipment due for replacement and completes an assessment to help determine priorities, based on defined criteria.  The City will then seek feedback from the local community to inform the design of the play space redevelopment and finalise budgets for each redevelopment, based on feedback and in accordance with the Park and Play Space Classification Hierarchy.

What is included in a play space redevelopment?

The redevelopment of each play space is based on a number of factors.  Each park and play space is unique and will consider:

  • Surrounding environment i.e. existing play spaces and parks in the local catchment
  • Community profile
  • Available budget
Redevelopments will be guided by the Parks and Play Space Classification Hierarchy (available to view in the Document Library).

How will the City address accessibility and inclusion in play space redevelopments?

Play spaces will be redeveloped with the whole community in mind. Part of the project budget will be spent on installing pathways to/around the play space and connections to existing pathways, seating etc. We will also endeavor to include variety in play types to suit different ages and abilities, based on feedback from the community.

How will the City address shade in play space redevelopments?

As part of the Play Space Strategy, an annual Shade Program has been developed to ensure that wherever possible, play equipment will be shaded, either naturally or by a shade sail. The play space in Claughton Reserve is currently shaded by established trees at certain times of the day, and the City will be planting additional trees in winter 2020 to complement the existing natural shade.