1. What is a fenced dog exercise area?

An enclosed off leash dog exercise area is secure, fully fenced space dedicated to dogs for recreational purposes. A dog off leash exercise area is where people can take their dogs to exercise and socialize with other dogs without wandering off or having to be restrained.

An enclosed off leash dog exercise area will provide benefits to both people and dogs including promoting acceptable behaviour from dogs by socializing with others and promoting social interactions between owners of dogs from all walks of life.

2. Can I leave my dog unsupervised in a fenced dog exercise area?

No. You need to ensure you remain at the location and supervise your dog at all times.

3. What are the requirements for use of the facility?

The specific requirements are still being determined however, it is expected that your dog is social with other dogs and people, will be required to be under effective control (including voice control) and be supervised in the area by the dog owner. Dog owners will be expected to adhere to all requirements of the City of Bayswater Dogs Local Law 2016 and state dog legislation.

4. What other facilities would be included in a fenced dog exercise area?

While the exact facilities are yet to be determined it is likely that such a facility would include water fountains, agility equipment, shade and bins. Any future facility planning will include consultation with the community.

5. Who is going to control the barking and noises in the area?

Barking is deemed to be normal, natural dog behaviour and is expected to be heard in the area. Management practices, such as possible time restrictions for use of the facility, will be considered to minimise noise impact on surrounding residents.

6. Will a fenced dog exercise area have lighting?

This is to be considered however, given the possible time restrictions on the use of the facility, this may not be required.

7. Does my dog have to be on a lead?

Your dog is required to be on lead if the facility is located in an area that is designated as dog on lead, until you have entered the enclosed dog park area. You are still required to have your leash with you at all times and your dog must be on leash before leaving the area.

8. Will the facility include separate areas for large and small sized dogs?

This will be determined after consultation with the community.

9. Could I bring other animals into the area?

No. Only dogs are allowed in the designated area.

10. Can my dog be on lead in the area?

Whilst your dog can be on lead in the area, it is expected that dogs off lead will approach your dog. All leads will be required to be compliant with the Dog Act 1976 and Dog Regulations 2013 ensuring that it is of maximum length of 2 metres.

** Rangers undertake regular patrols to ensure responsible use of these areas.