Has a decision on the redevelopment of the Maylands Brickworks site been made?

    No. The Heritage Directorate of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is currently looking at options and the feasibility of reactivating the Brickworks site. The outcomes of this work and the community consultation will be presented to Council later in 2018. The Council has not considered any proposals other than being presented with very preliminary concept ideas by the DPLH, and has only approved the community engagement plan to enable input from residents.

    Who is undertaking the project?

    The City as landowner has partnered with the Heritage Directorate of the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (previously known as the State Heritage Office), who are completing the options and feasibility phases. The Heritage Directorate have experience with similar projects - see the Heritage Works brochure here.

    Why are the preliminary concept ideas not available to the public yet?

    The Heritage Directorate prefers not to release these at this stage as they are continually evolving and require more information. The material is currently being prepared by the Heritage Directorate to be ready for the community engagement process.  This will include concept designs which will be different to the preliminary ideas.

    In order to facilitate effective engagement the Heritage Directorate wishes to provide the community with correct and up to date information needed to participate in a meaningful way. In this case, releasing outdated and preliminary ideas can cause confusion and hinder the engagement process. Engagement for this project will begin in February and will be based on concept designs to form the start of the site's reactivation discussion.  The engagement process will involve local residents and seek their feedback on the concept designs, concerns and aspirations for the site. The community interest in the Brickworks is greatly valued and will be used in the assessment of reactivation concepts.