Maylands Brickworks Feasibility Study - Consideration by Council

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held 28 May 2019 Council considered the Heritage Directorate's Maylands Brickworks Feasibility Study. Council resolved as follows:

"That Council:
  1. Notes the Maylands Brickworks Feasibility Study report dated May 2019.
  2. Does not support proceeding with Concept F - Golf course clubhouse adaptation of the Brickworks Kiln with works to Pugmill / Drying Shed to be deferred as recommended in the Maylands Brickworks Feasibility Study report.
  3. Terminates the Reactivation of the Maylands Brickworks project with the Heritage Directorate of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.
  4. To request the Chief Executive Officer to consider alternate uses to reactivate the Maylands Brickworks for community uses, specifically excluding residential uses and prepares a business case for consideration to progress further studies relating to these alternate uses as part of the 2020/21 budget process.
  5. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to investigate external sources of funding to undertake the remaining conservation works identified in the Maylands Brickworks Conservation Management Plan and incorporate this into the Long Term Financial Plan.
  6. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to provide an additional report to Council to prepare a scheme amendment to the City's Town Planning Scheme 24 to rezone the Brickworks Lake area as generally indicated in Concept F of the Feasibility Study to "Local Public Open Space" (instead of "Medium and High Density Residential R40")."

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Consultation has concluded

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