What is a Classification 2 Heritage Place?

    Classification 2 is the second highest classification in the City's Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI).  In accordance with the MHI these places are considered to "have considerable local importance and will generally include public or community buildings, commercial buildings and residential dwellings of exceptional significance. Demolition of these places would generally not be supported.

    ·  Landowners are encouraged to conserve the integrity, authenticity and condition of the site.

    ·   Any redevelopment, extension, modification, demolition or change of use requires the approval of Council.

    ·  Council will only support substantial modification of a place when adequate planning and heritage justification has been provided. • Demolition of site will generally not be supported.

    ·  To be included on the Town Planning Scheme No.24 Heritage List."

    Will the Modified Classifications protect the Trees?

    Yes, as Halliday Park is recommended to be a classification 2 place it is considered that any removal of or significant modification, other than routine maintenance, to mature trees will require Council approval.

    What is the Scheme Heritage List?

    The Scheme Heritage List is a list containing all properties on the MHI which are a classification 3 or above.   A place being on the Scheme List provides an additional level of protection as any significant modification to the place requires the approval of Council.