Building Bayswater Community Panel

09 Feb 2018

The next step in Building Bayswater is the Community Panel.

This will occur over two days - 24 February and 10 March - at the City's Administration building.

The Panel will ultimately work together/deliberate and make a recommendation to the City

What is the Community Panel?

The Community Panel will be representative sample of individuals that reflect our community, randomly selected to form a panel which deliberates on the outcomes of the Community Engagement Campaign.

In this panel process, all inputs and outputs are fully transparent and available, and the randomly selected panellists are a selection of the very demographic affected by the decision. In this way, the decisions made can be shown to be genuine and without any selection bias.

The panel will hear technical advice and feedback from key community groups where relevant. The process will be undertaken in a fully transparent environment, being recorded and potentially undertaken in front of a public gallery. The panel will ultimately work together/deliberate and make a recommendation to the City.

How is the Community Panel selected?

Recruitment and final selection of panellists for the Engagement Panel is a multi-step process commencing with the selection of an appropriately skilled consultant who is responsible for ensuring that the process is transparent and independent. We have chosen to use Deliberately Engaging, an organisation that undertakes selection processes across the country link)

The Consultant uses a database of all addresses/names and then uses the random function in Microsoft Excel to select 10,000 individual addressees. The 10,000 are invited to express interest in participating on the panel by registering. Stratification goals are set including age, gender and location and then the interested registrants are sorted and filtered, again by the random function in Microsoft Excel, to ensure that the final selection includes the relevant number of people within each of the stratification categories.

Finally, the selected participants are advised. Only in the few days before the Panel commences are the City and the Facilitators given the panellist details. This is to ensure that the independence of the process is true right up until the panel start date, and also helps our facilitators to go into the Panel with no preconceived ideas.

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