What is a Structure Plan?

    A Structure Plan provides a broad planning framework to guide how an area develops into the future. It looks at land use, the mix between residential and commercial use, as well as housing density and building heights.

    Does the Structure Plan change the zoning or development potential of my property?

    The Structure Plan itself will not change the zoning or development potential of your property. However, once adopted, a Scheme Amendment will be prepared in association to reflect the changes proposed in the Structure Plan and provide statutory changes to the zonings of land within the Structure Plan area. 

    The Structure Plan Map sets out the proposed new zonings within the Structure Plan area. If the zoning of your property is set to change as part of the Structure Plan, then this will be reflected in the Scheme Amendment and will impact the development potential of your property.

    Will my house be acquired as a result of the Structure Plan?

    No, the Structure Plan does not propose to acquire any houses.

    In some circumstances, such as widening or creating new laneways as part of a new development or subdivision, Council may acquire land free of cost.

    What is happening with the Bayswater Train Station?

    A number of changes are proposed to rail infrastructure that will impact the Bayswater Train Station, including:

    • The new State Government's pledge to provide $40 million to upgrade the Bayswater Train Station;

    • The 'Forrestfield Airport Link', which will provide a rail link from the Airport to the City via Bayswater Train Station. The link is currently under construction.

    • The new State Government's 'Metronet', which is a comprehensive Public Transport Plan for Perth and includes new rail lines to the northern suburbs.

    • The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is currently working on a Station Access Strategy for the Bayswater Train Station. The strategy is expected to recommend and implement changes that will improve access to the train station for bus users, vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. 

    All of these factors will influence how the Bayswater Train Station will be used and how it will look in the future. The State Government is currently considering and working through various options to deliver these changes and the Structure Plan has been created in a flexible way that can accommodate them.

    Should the undergrounding of the Bayswater Train Station project be considered by the State Government in the future, the Structure Plan may be amended to reflect its implications.

    What heights are proposed by the Structure Plan?

    The proposed heights limits are reflected in the Structure Plan Map and range from two to four storeys. Additional height to a maximum of five to six storeys can be achieved in areas in and around the core of the centre where at least three 'Incentive Based Development Standards' are achieved.

    The 'Incentive Based Development Standards' encourage developers to provide a higher standard of development by offering height and plot ratio bonuses and include such features as, providing a higher quality of design, preserving or enhancing heritage, providing public facilities or street improvements, providing a higher level of sustainable design and providing affordable housing.

    How will the Council control the design quality of new developments?

    Design Guidelines will be created in association with the Structure Plan to ensure the provision of high quality sustainable developments that respect local heritage values and the unique character of an area.

    The Design Guidelines will be in the form of either a Local Planning Policy or a Local Development Plan, which will allow the City to better control the quality of development within the Structure Plan area.

    Will there be more cafes and shops?

    The Structure Plan envisions an increase in local cafes, shops and other retail along the main streets of the centre. However this is dependent on more people living and working in the area to make new businesses financially viable, and improving the amenity of the centre so that people will want to spend time there.

    The increased zoning densities set out in the Structure Plan are necessary to increase the local population to drive the growth of new retail.

    What about our parks and public spaces?

    In order to improve local parks and public spaces the Structure Plan proposes to:

    • Incentivise the creation of new urban plazas or hardscaped public gathering spaces in key locations.

    • Undertake measures to improve pedestrian safety around the underpasses, parking areas and left-over spaces associated with the train station.

    • Improve activation and casual surveillance by ensuring new developments look onto and interact with local parks and public spaces.

    Public spaces will also be enhanced as part of implementing the Bayswater Town Centre Interim Place Activation Plan, which includes the planting of more trees and such community led measures as new Parklets, a heritage walk of former retail premises and a mobile speakers corner. 

    How will traffic issues be handled?

    The City recognises the amenity issues of car traffic in the area and in particular the issue of 'regional through-traffic' - defined as cars travelling through the centre with no intention of stopping as they take advantage of the underpass to get under the train line.

    The Structure Plan will work towards favouring pedestrians and cyclist over cars to deter regional through-traffic and calm traffic in general to improve the amenity of the area. Possible traffic calming measures that are being considered include, introducing cycle lanes, reducing the width of the roads and increasing the width of footpaths, creating more on-street parking, planting more street trees, providing new pedestrian crossing points and lowering the speed limit on certain roads. 

    How will car parking be managed?

    In time it is expected that the Structure Plan area will become busier, which will have implications for the availability of car parking spaces. A particular challenge is the conflict between parking for residents and businesses in the area, and people who drive from outside of the area and park long-term to catch the train to work.

    As a result, a Car Parking Management Plan will be developed to support the Structure Plan to manage car parking in an equitable way for residents, businesses, visitors and train commuters.

    How is the Structure Plan being advertised for public comment?

    The Structure Plan is being advertised in the following ways:

    • Letters sent to all landowners within 800 metres of the Bayswater Train Station;

    • Notification placed in the Eastern Reporter newspaper;

    • Information placed on the City's engagement website; and

    • Social media, including Facebook and the City's monthly E-Newsletter. 

      In addition, the City is holding two community 'Focus on the Plan' workshops at 6pm on Monday 21 August and Friday 25 August 2017 in the Bayswater Drill Hall (Corner Murray and Crowther Street, Bayswater). The workshops are an opportunity to understand what is proposed in the Structure Plan and discuss it with the City officers and other community members.

    Where can I get additional information about the Structure Plan?

    Information can be viewed between 8:30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday up to and including 27 September 2017 at the City of Bayswater Civic Centre, Bayswater Library, One Stop Shop at the RISE or on the City's engagement website engage.bayswater.wa.gov.au.  You can also call Tim Wright in the City's Planning and Development Services on 08 9272 0979.

    How long have I got to make a submission?

    Submissions close on Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 4:30pm.

    Do I have to make a submission?

    No, you are not required to make a submission if you do not want to.

    Who makes the decision on the Structure Plan?

    The State Government's Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is the decision making body for the Structure Plan.

    When will the Structure Plan be considered by Council?

    It is anticipated that the Structure Plan will be considered by Council in late 2017.

    Council will consider the Structure Plan together with the submissions received and will recommend to the WAPC whether it supports or supports with modifications the Structure Plan.

    How do I make a submission?

    Submissions can be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Bayswater, PO Box 467, Morley WA 6943.

    Submissions can also be sent by email to mail@bayswater.wa.gov.au

    Alternatively, you can complete the online submission form located on the City's engagement website: engage.bayswater.wa.gov.au.