Why is this community consultation taking place?

    Maylands Waterland was developed in the late 1970s and its facilities are dated and nearing the end of their operating life.  City of Bayswater Council wants to work with the community to identify options for Maylands Waterland’s future.

    The purpose of the consultation is to identify the best option to deliver the community benefits of the Maylands Waterland area in a way that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

    How can I get involved?

    There will be several stages and opportunities to be involved, including information sessions, a community workshop and a survey.  Keep your eye on Engage Bayswater to find out more or register here to receive email updates and be part of the consultation.

    What’s going to happen to Maylands Waterland?

    Nothing is going to happen until the consultation is finished, options identified and a decision made.

    Will Maylands Waterland still be open as usual this summer?

    Yes. We’re looking forward to welcoming all visitors this summer. Maylands Waterland will open its doors to the public in November. Check out the Waterland's Facebook page by clicking on this link.

    Can’t Maylands Waterland be kept as it is?

    A condition report conducted in 2014-15 concluded that Maylands Waterland is at a high risk of experiencing major structural problems in the next few years and that is was not compliant with current legislation such as disability access and the Code of Practice for the design of aquatic facilities.

    Therefore, some works need to take place to ensure the site is compliant with relevant legislation and codes of practice.

    How much would it cost to make Maylands Waterland compliant?

    A study carried out in 2014-15 estimated that between $2.7 - $2.9 million would be needed to make the site compliant. This amount does not include the annual running costs.

    However, this may not avoid additional maintenance costs in the future (for example, tree root growth). These costs are yet to be calculated. 

    How much does it cost to operate Maylands Waterland?

    It costs approximately $220,000 to operate Maylands Waterland between November and April each year (this is a ratepayer cost, after income from fees).

    What other options are there?

    There are no preferred options identified yet. The consultation will involve hearing from the community about what they like to do at the site and their preferences for its future.

    A number of options will be identified by the community. The community will also have a chance to comment on these options prior to being presented to Council for decision making.

    How long will the consultation take?

    Approximately seven to eight months - it is planned that a decision will be made by April 2017.