What is the difference between the brown and black pavement?

    The brown pavement is the thoroughfare for the bikes and cars to travel through. The black pavement is set aside for parking and for vehicles to pull over to the side when there is on-coming traffic. 

    Will I still be able to park on the street?

    Yes, parking on the street is still available where there is black pavement.

    I have concerns in relation to being able to drive through the slow points.

    The slow points have been designed to accommodate large vehicles including rubbish trucks.

    Is there an opportunity for me to upgrade my crossover as part of the construction phase of the project?

    Yes, a concrete crossover upgrade can be done as part of the works. Please refer to the City's Crossover Application Booklet link http://www.bayswater.wa.gov.au/cproot/642/2/xover-booklet-072017.pdf

    Will there be access issues into my property during the construction phase?

    No, access to residential properties is maintained at all times.